In many times/cases, the saying of the truth or to speak with neutrality or simply to convince or impact audiance becomes too cost-ive if you accept this word! time & money, & that without speaking about oppression & despotism in same regions & its impact on freedom expression & public point of view.

The idea becomes from that cause, when i see that presse where i live ( Algeria ) will drive the people to the hill! nothing rules it! close its eyes to the truth, it discusses everything that is trivial, promoting prostitution & lobbies & oligarchies ( nothing rules them ) support them, so i convinced by my selfe & others with me, we need to something to impact the people very fast & attack these strong oligarchies, & this is only to be something supernatural or partially supernatural at least for them, & that it can not be else an automatic publisher or publisher supernaturel or as you want: a bot! since i’m very telented with php & java, so i starts to develop the very fast solution for very fast content permet to guests & visitors to create posts without registration, actually i was the unique one who have this solution & use it to express my opinion with different author names so permet to me to create a community of journalists from single persons ( who has different random names ! ), It was like a thunderbolt on they, since the presse was a monopoly & very controlled by them.

After success i decide to sold it on envato marketplace: codecanyon, without considering its impacts so i do its documentation & codecanyon standards for it but luckily submission rejected many times, i discover after that it can be a tool/plugin to discord people in same location despite its positive nobel purpose, after 3 monthes of that i decide to make it free since can’t be sold.


post with image slider, tags, categories, featured image, custom author name..

Plugin options 1
Plugin options 2 (suite)


You can verify plugin site by yourselfe ( about, doc, credit, live preview, options preview…) here: gp.hirak. cc ( remove the gap ).

1- Download upload & activate from here: hirak. cc/ ( remove gap from link ).

2- Start creating posts!

3- Documentation you will find it on the same site gp.hira ( remove gap from link ).

Video explained may be found here.


This plugin ( Guest Post ) is for democratise & liberise the presse or to impact more by less, IF THAT DOES NOT DISCORD &/OR PRODUCE TEMPTATION BETWEEN PEOPLE IN THE SAME LOCATION.

if you want to donate to me there is a button for that i can’t put my PayPal email here :), many times i need few coins for cup of coffee or tranche of pizza!