1. Introduction
    1. What should know about Guest Post ( functionality )

       Guest Post insert by default just on activation two things : page called New Post containing its shortcode that will be the gust front end publishing ( submission of new posts ) & new user called guestauthor that all posts assign to it except logged in user when create new post. Guest Post Plugin edit post author on single post page, by its filter the_author & author_link, to display custom post author names but the reel post author reste/remain unchangeable else if the author is registed & logged in when submitting the post

Here’s the FAQs may help you to understanding Guest Post functionality

  1. Is front end uploader secure for my site?

sure, the onmy permetted types of media to upload in post/ topic just for formats: jpg, jpeg, png, mp4. all data are validated before & after uploading by our plugin & wordpress uploader.

  1. Is theme compatible ? has Guest Post specied theme or take the active theme rules ?

compatible to 98% of WordPress themes.

  1. What are the name of post author after submitting the form by the guest?

the guest from the New Post page itselfe has the liberty to choose between custom name & fixed name & register & login if already registered two forms will show if choose fixed name, actually the plugin is build to target more users as consequence user can register if prefer fixed name via ajax registration form integrated, but he/she can post without confirmation.

  1. What are the fields on front end posting?

the fields are post title, category, topic, featured image, excerpt, tags, author name.

  1. Does Guest Post Plugin affect site theme/styles, general look?

Not at all, Guest Post Plugin take the active theme styles & don’t have specified styles for its fields. it take various concepts & looks depend to active theme you use, mean / in consequence the Add New Post page take the active theme styles & there is no effects on your theme/ site look.

  1. Guest Post create new user for each post author custom name? other says if guest author choose custom name, will Guest Post insert new user to database ( regester new user )?

No at all, all posts insert in the name of guestpost author ( Guest Post will create new user called guestpost just on activation ), despite guest user choose custom name, but in the post page will shows up the custom name choosen by the guest author, you can from your dashboard assign all posts to other registered author, & that says if guest author not registered or not logged in, if he/she is regestered & logged in.

  1. Guest Post spam protection

There are several methode to protect your site from spam in Guest Post plugin, you can change guest posts status to draft or pending or by activating restruction by time/number.

  1. Geting started

      Upload & unzip guest post plugin archive, & go to plugins page & click activate, if you are running on multisite environement you should activate it from network plugins page by following this : go to my sites -> network dashboard -> plugins then click activate

  1. Front end environement ( guest’s posting page )

     By activating the Plugin, a new page will inserted automatically to your site containing the guest post shortcode [g uest_post] & i twill be the default guest publishing permet to guests to create new posts to your news site.

His default permalink is yoursite.domainname/publish,  it’s name is Add New, you can change it’s name & permalink to your desired name & permalink without any impact, or you can change the default guest publish page from guest post options

    Guest Post comes with 7 fields in front posting/ guest publishing: post title, post category, topic & post featured image, post excerpt, post tags & post author that extand to other fields ( two ajax forms register if registration is enabled to your site & login form, two forms on the new post page ), 3 of these fields are required : title, category & topic, others you can require it from your dashboard guest post options

Note : post status not included on front publishing, not availlable for guests ( guests not have the possibility to choose post status ), site super administrator only from Guest Post options!

     Add New page is the page where guests can submit his posts via ajax call, guests can choose between.  

     The default author for all guests posts is guestauthor user that created automatically on your site just on activating the plugin, you can controle the guests posts author on your admin dashboard Guest Post options by assigning all posts to specified existing user, but not post author may differ from guest post author : post the reel author ( in back-end in database ) of post is guestauthor user but in front end the post author name is the choosen name from guest’s post. Guests can choose post author even can choose fixed name, in this case the register & login forms will appear, & all these says if guest not registered on your site or registered & not logged in, if guest is registered & logged in by previous logged in form without reload the page after successefull logged in Guest Post give he/she the possibily to choose between his real name & custom name, despite is logged in. If user already logged in on your site, not used Guest Post front end ajax login form, Guest Post also give it the possibility to choose to display the post author between its real name & custom desired name.

Note : all forms inputs are validated before submitting.

  1. Back end environement( Guest Post’s options )

Guest Post options page conataining 14 options : the 3 first of them correponding the requiring post excerp, featured image & tags in front publishing

    At the bottom of that, there is the required field star color, the default is re

After that there is the New Post Page : the default front end publishing page, you can select from existing pages, after save options the plugin will insert it’s shortcode ( empty page is recommended ).

After that there is Post author option where you can choose to assign all guests posts articles to existing user, if this option enabled guest can’t choose the author name ( author menu don’t appear ).

After that there is the Post status the seventh place, you can choose the status of guest posts between for (4) status : publish, pending, draft, future. Note that the update of Post status option will applied for future submission.

The 8th option : Front-end Registration ( via ajax ) correspondant the functionality of registration form on front end publishing guest post page. Note this option concerned sites where registration already enabled.

The 9th option : Custom author name for logged in members, if give it possibility to change their posts author name or not.

The 10th & 11th options concerned limitation if content / restruction of guests ( recommended for sites has active users ):

The first is limitation of guest by time, you can insert the “must exceed time“ by guest to create another post ( time between two posts from single guest ).

The second is restruction by number, you can select the maximum number of posts by single guest.

Note : the Guest Post data cache will clean up automatically !

  1. Guest Post options
    1. Requiring featured image, excerpt & tags fields

this option available for three fields post’s featured image, excerpt & tags, activating it guest will can’t submit his post without satisfing the condition, to activate it choose the desired from them you can select it all at once check the chechbox & click save changes

Simply click on select color, color picker will open to you, choose what you want then click save changes, the default required color is rebeccapurple

  1. Changing the default guest publishing page 

there are two methode :

II.3.1  Create empty page with your desired name & permalink & insert to it the Guest Post shortcode ( [g uest_post] ).

II.3.2  From menu & choose your desired page, then click save changes ( empty page is recommended ).

      II.4          Changing guest posts author 

The change of posts author mean the real change of posts author to existing user except guestauthor user, & the displayed post author on its single post page will take the user’s display name that you assign to it all futured posts

      II.5          Change guest posts status

To controle entries from guests, there are different status are available, change the status to desired one, then click save changes. Note that the setting of posts status will applied for next comping posts.

      II.6          Enable/ Disable front end ajax registration form

This options concerned sites / MU whosever has registration is enabled on thier sites/ network, & if there is, you can enable/ disable the Guest Post come-with ajax registration form on Add New page, this feature add more engagement to your site, else nothing to show the registration form shows up if registration is enabled. You can check/confirm registration status by Setting page from your admin dashboard :

      II.7          Allow / Deny cutom author name on front end publishing, for logged in users

This setting is concerned the logged in users, if give to them possibility to choose between thier real or regestered display name & the use of custom author name on front posting.

II.8          Change the time between to posts from single guest ( min )

About this setting : this setting allow you to controle or limit guests entries by           the time. You can set up the time in minutes between two posts from single author to limit her/him & force it to wait certain duration before submit new.

  II.9           Change number of posts from single guest IP

About this setting : this setting allow you to controle or limit guests entries by           the maximum number of posts. You can set up the maximum number of posts from single author to limit her/him & reject her/hime if exceed it when submit new.

  1.  Troubleshooting

      III.1     Categories select dropdown not showing / empty options

Source of problem comes from your categories on your site does not have any posts attached to its. To fix this assign at least one post foreach category, that permet to category to show when loop it fired/ handled.

III.2        Media upload not shown, can’t upload/add images to topic, author menu not displayed

The source of this problem is the guestauthor user has been deleted from your site or his default super strong password that generated by WordPress has been changed by someone. To fix this problem remove guestauthor user, then deactivate & activate plugin again.

  1. Credits

      1- Main logo: from Sergie Kokokota


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