Guest post is a lighway plugin for wordpress permet to guest users to publish new posts without registration, recomendded for fast content or to build new press very fast.


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What should know about Guest Post Plugin?

it is very simple, create new page & insert to it its shortcode [g uest_post], you can controle from your admin dashbord, posts status ( draft, publish, pending, future ), New Post page, fields to include in the new post page exemples: tags, excerpt, … required / non required custom fields, how much time between to two posts & max number of posts for guest.

How it works?

insert new user called guestpost with very complexe password, insert new page in your blog called New Post it link is yoursite.domain/publish, you can edit/select the guest author page to your desired page & insert to it the guest post shortcode automatically just on activation that will the user front end posting.


1- Is it secure?

sure, the onmy permetted types of media to upload in post/ topic just for formats: jpg, jpeg, png, mp4. all data are validated before & after uploading by our plugin & wordpress uploader.

2- Theme compatibility?

compatible to 98% of WordPress themes.

3- What are the name of post author after submitting the form by the guest?

the guest from the New Post page itselfe has the liberty to choose between custom name & fixed name & register & login if already registered two forms will show if choose fixed name, actually the plugin is build to target more users as consequence user can register if prefer fixed name via ajax registration form integrated, but he/she can post without confirmation.

3- What are the fields on front end posting?

the fields are post title, category, topic, featured image, excerpt, tags, author name.

4- Does Guest Post Plugin affect site theme/styles, general look?

Not at all, Guest Post Plugin take the active theme styles & don’t have specified styles for its fields. it take various concepts & looks depend to active theme you use, mean / in consequence the Add New Post page take the active theme styles & there is no effects on your theme/ site look.

5- Guest Post create new user for each post author custom name? other says if guest author choose custom name, will Guest Post insert new user to database ( regester new user )?

No at all, all posts insert in the name of guestpost author ( Guest Post will create new user called guestpost just on activation ), despite guest user choose custom name, but in the post page will shows up the custom name choosen by the guest author, you can from your dashboard assign all posts to other registered author, & that says if guest author not registered or not logged in, if he/she is regestered & logged in

other questions, troubleshooting?